R&D team lead by 1 senior engineers and 2 doctors. And working closely with some research institutions and colleges. We develop the most effective and specificity botanical ingredients for the Pharmaceutical, Nutraceutical and Cosmetic industries, and combine the characteristics of each herb with our own scientific research to develop the optimal formulation efficiently.

The company's research team focuses on the following areas:
1, The research on the extraction and application of new plant ingredients
2, Application of new technology in the isolation, identification and development of active ingredients
3, Application development research of plant effective components
4, The research on the composition and effectiveness of TCM compound

NINGBO EXCARE PHARM INC.. has obtained the following patents through many years of development.

1,Single effect concentrator with high absorption solvent(Patent No: ZL201720266006.2)
2,A Method for separating ester catechins from green tea (Patent No: ZL201710161749.8)
3,A Method for preparing high level bioavailability of Huperzia serrata extract(Patent No: ZL201710977045.8)
4,A Method of extracting myricetin from bayberry tree bark(Patent No:ZL201710979000.4)
5,A multi-function extraction tank device with low energy consumption(Patent No:ZL201721657291.7)

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