Tcm compound extracts

Chinese Herbal has a 5000 year history. People come out a lot of great herbal formulas that work very well for human body. All these complex formula works much better than a single herbal extract, they express the philosophy of Chinese Traditional Medicine. We can offer the TCM Compound products as powder form and finished product form like capsule, tablet to our customers as below.
1.Blood Sugar Balance, Blood Pressure Balance
3.Kidney & Libido
4.Weight Loss
5.Female Care, Man Care
6.Mood Enhancer
7.Colon Cleanser
8.Sleep Well, Joint well
9.Anticancer, Antifatigue, Antiaging
10.Hair Grow
All these formulas have been proved efficiently and safe through thousands of years, some can be marked as dietary supplement, some can be marked as OTC. Old mysterious great formulas and advanced extract equipments along with the professional processing assure the supreme quality of TCM Comound extract. We also produce many kinds of Fruit& Vegetable extracts and plant ratio extracts. Provide Water-Soluble Herbal Extract Series, Granular Products and Tablet/Capsule products.

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