Product Name Specification Effect
Flos Sophorae Extract Quercetin / ?Rutin 95%(HPLC) Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory
Yohimbine Extract Yohimbine 10-98%(HPLC) Sex stimulation
Griffonia Seeds Extract 5-HTP 10-95%(HPLC) Anti-Depression
Mangosteen Extract Mangostin 10-40%(HPLC) Cardiovascular health, Anti-cancer
Gotu Kola Extract Triterpenes 10-20%(HPLC) Increasing circulation
Garlic Extract Powder Allicin 1%(HPLC) Blood pressure adjustment
Giant Knotweed Extract Resveratrol 50-98%(HPLC) Cardiovascular health
Tongkat Ali?Extract 5-10:1(HPTLC) Body Balance, Sex stimulation
?White Willow Extract Salicin 15%(HPLC) Antisepsis, anti-inflammation
Garcinia Cambogia Extract HCA? 50%(HPLC) Weight Loss
Siberian Ginseng Extract Eleutheroside B+E 0.8%(HPLC) Prevent cold
Wild Yam Extract Dioscin 20%(HPLC) Immunity enhance
Schisandra Extract Schisandrins 9%(HPLC&UV) Immunity enhance, Liver protection
Epimedium Extract Icariin 10-40%(HPLC) Body Balance, Sex stimulation
Astragalus Extract Polysaccharide 20-40%(UV) Immunity enhance
Black Cohosh Extract Triterpenoid saponins 2.5%(HPLC) Women menopause
Angelica Extract Ligustilide 1%(HPLC) Blood pressure adjustment
?Milk Thistle Extract Silymarin 80%(UV) Liver protection
Senna Leaf Extract Sennoside A + B? 30%(HPLC) Digestive system
?Saw Palmeto Berry Extract Fatty Acidsd 25%(GC) Sex stimulation, Kidney Healthy
Red Clover Extract Total Isoflavones? 20%(HPLC) Antisepsis, anti-inflammation
?Pine Bark Extract Proanthocyanidins 95%(UV) Cardiovascular health, Anti-aging
Pomegranate Extract Punicalagin A + B 10-40%( HPLC) Antisepsis and Anti-inflammation
?St. John's Wort Extract Hypericins 0.3%(UV) Anti-Depression
Kudzu Root Extract Isoflavones 20-40%(HPLC&UV) Blood pressure adjustment ,Circulation support
Cinnamon Bark Extract Polyphenol 10%(UV) Immunity Enhance
Echinacea Extract Polyphenol 4%( HPLC&UV) Immunity Enhance, Antivirus
Magnolia Extract Magnolol & Honokiol 10-90%(HPLC) Antisepsis and anti-inflammation
Ginger Extract Gingerols 5%( HPLC&UV) Digestive system
Marigold Extract Lutein 10%(HPLC&UV) Eye protection, Antioxidant
Soybean Extract Isoflavones 20-40%(HPLC) Women menopause
Baikal Skullcap Root Extract Baicalin 85%(HPLC) Digestive system, Antivirus
Wolfberry Extract Polysaccharides 10-60%(UV) Immunity enhance
Reishi Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides?10-40%(UV) Body Balance, Immunity enhancer,Anti-cancer
Shiitake Mushroom Extract Polysaccharides10-40%(UV) Anti-cancer, Anti-tumor
Citrus Aurantium Extract Synephrine 5-30%(HPLC) Weight Loss
Maca Extract 5-10:1(HPTLC) Enhancing stamina
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